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Minimize Fingerprints And  Smudges On Smart Phone And Tablet Screens!

Nu-Screen HD is an all-natural display screen polish specially formulated for electronic handheld devices. It's designed to leave a slippery smooth, non-greasy and shiny surface that minimizes fingerprints and smudges.

A solid zero-moisture polish, it creates a barrier between the screen and your finger that produces a high gloss finish when buffed.  Just one tube of Nu-Screen polish will produce hundreds of repeat applications.

Developed specifically for electronic handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets, GPSs, PDAs, digital cameras, Nintendo DS game systems and all other electronic devices that have an interactive display screen.

Finger On iPad ScreenWhy does the screen of a handheld device, smart phone or tablet need to be polished? Every time there is contact or an interaction with an electronic device screen, there is a fingerprint or smudge left behind. When using a smart phone or tablet, the display screen attracts elements from the skin. These elements adhere to the screen of the device and create smears and smudges. Body oils, fingerprints, deposits left from hand and facial lotions as well as makeup are all attracted to the screen. As these elements build up, they become harder and harder to remove with a simple wipe of the screen.

When applied to a clean dry surface, Nu-Screen HD creates a barrier between the skin and the device and produces a high gloss finish when buffed. Also can create a deeper, richer and more intense screen display. Simple rub on, buff off application of Nu-Screen HD will create a smooth and shiny non-greasy surface that reduces fingerprints and repels smudges.

Fingers On Screen ImageHow does Nu-Screen HD work? By filling the microscopic pores of the screen is what creates the smooth surface. It is these pores found in the screen surface are what collects secreted oils and debris from the skin and make the surface attract more body oils to create the smears and smudges left on the screen. This is why when the surface is cleaned with a screen cleaner, the surface feels almost sticky and the finger seems not to glide so smoothly across the screen. The cleaned microscopic pores is what creates a drag on the finger while it pulls secreted debris and oil from the skin to be left onto the screen surface. When the screen surface is polished with Nu-Screen HD, these microscopic pores are filled and the finger will glide effortlessly across the screen surface thus reducing the drag and attraction of secreted debris from the skin to be left behind on the screen surface. The result is a smooth shiny smudge free surface.

Woman with phoneIndependent reviews have found that with just one application of Nu-Screen HD can minimize up to 30% of fingerprints normally found on the screen surface from daily use of the device. Plus, any smudges that may appear on the screen wipes off up to 90% easier over unpolished screens. Also, Nu-Screen HD has been tested and was found to be safe and effective for all electronic devices including devices manufactured from the following brands:

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Carnauba TreeThe active ingredient in Nu-Screen HD is Carnauba wax, which is the strongest natural wax from the leaves of the palm, Copernicia Prunifera. Nu-Screen HD has a Carnauba wax content of 97%, the highest of all Carnauba base polishes developed. Nu-Screen HD is formulated much differently then car wax or other wax polishes as it has no chemical or petroleum based ingredients that can irritate the skin when used. Nu-Screen HD is an all natural formula that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and will safely keep a display screen looking new and smudge free. Order your Nu-Screen HD today.

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I first heard about to Nu-Screen HD from a friend at my son's soccer practice. He noticed me wiping my iPhone after a call. My friend said, "Hey... you should really polish your phone." Polish my phone? With what? Nu-Screen HD was his answer. I didn't even know such a product existed. He gave me the web address and shortly thereafter I received my Nu-Screen HD to try on my iPhone. As an attorney, I use my phone every day for my work as well as during my meetings with clients. My iPhone is usually next to me on the table whether I am in my office or in the courtroom. I want my phone to look clean, shiny and new and was constantly wiping my screen, especially before meetings or hearings. I was very excited to try Nu-Screen HD for the first time.

Now, with Nu-Screen HD, my iPhone looks terrific. No more smudges! The best part is that the screen wipes clean with minimal effort and stays shiny longer then without using a polish. I really enjoy this product and can't imagine living without it. I polish my phone about once a week at night and let set overnight while my phone is on its charger. In the morning, I buff surface clean. My iPhone now always looks like the day I bought it. I ordered another Nu-Screen HD polish stick so my wife could have her own. She loves it just as I do. We both think a screen polish is a great idea and are very pleased with results that Nu-Screen HD provides.

William R. Sweeney, Esq.
Device: iPhone


I love my Apple iPad! Yet, the screen seems to be a smudge magnet. My screen looks great until I turn my iPad off, then I see all that I left behind. I heard about Nu-Screen HD from an email that I received and thought, what a great idea. When I applied Nu-Screen to my iPad and while watching it dry I felt a little odd just looking at my screen waiting for something to happen.

Then, as I started to buff the polish off my screen, I started to get very excited. My iPad screen looked brand new and felt very slippery to the touch without leaving any fingerprints. That was the big difference. I would clean my screen with a screen cleaner but I found that my screen almost seemed to be sticky. My fingers didn't glide across the screen. Applying a "polish" to the screen makes the screen not so sticky therefore, whatever comes in contact with my screen simply wipes off with ease. Nu-Screen is a great product and I would recommend to anyone that has an iPad. I also use Nu-Screen on my iPod Touch and of course my iPhone.

Linda Grant
Device: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone


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